Richard Swale

Richard grew up in this area of  Cumbria and has a deep understanding of the seasons, wild foods and produce that grows here from his childhood spent out shooting in the woods, fishing on the river Eden and looking after his own rare breed chickens which he is bringing to Askham Hall.  Having developed a passion for cooking at a young age he has spent the last 12 years working away from the area honing his skills and developing his cooking style.

He spent 4 years working  with equally renowned chefs John Burton Race and Anthony Demetre In London.  He also spent 2 Years in France and had various  placements around the world including a stint at NOMA in Copenhagen and also with the famous 3 Michelin star French chef Marc Veyrat in Annecy who specialises in mountain plants and herbs.

Since then he has gone on to refine his style, and now back in Cumbria and settled in Askham, he is rediscovering his connection with the ingredients he grew up with.  Using the techniques he has learnt on his journeys, he is now bringing out new interpretations on the way ingredients are used, something we are all very excited about. Richard has now been head chef at Askham Hall for 5 years, since we opened.