Askham Hall’s Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Winter Wedding

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and we’ve certainly been rockin’ around the Christmas tree. The mulled wine’s been flowing and the mince pies have been munched here at Askham Hall over this festive period.

Our fifth annual Christmas Market was wildly successful, the busiest year yet! So thank you to all our stall holders and customers that came to support us. Along with a yuletide concert, Christmas Party and three weddings this month, we really have been busy little elves. So to help you all get into the wedding spirit this Christmas, here are our top 5 tips for the perfect winter wedding.

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The Perfect Palette…

For any wedding, the colours you choose are so important for tying your wedding all together, from bridesmaids dresses to floral arrangements your colour scheme highly influences your overall wedding day theme. This can be anything from tablescapes to cake decorations however, one of the most important factors to consider is the season and how this will affect the surrounding environment of your venue.

For example, here at Askham Hall during late September and October our gardens are engulfed by plush reds and lavish oranges so ideally you wouldn’t want to go for a pastel colour that would clash. You would need to pick a complementing colour scheme instead.

During these colder months, we suggest warm, rich colours that complement the natural environment and stand out against the softer colours of winter. You could be looking at deep, rich purples, red or even a royal blue. Either way, the most important thing to remember is that your winter palette matches the winter weather.


Photography by Kathryn White Photography (see photo above)


Don’t fear the festive season…

December is such a beautiful time to get married so don’t be afraid of Christmas overshadowing your wedding day.

If you are a Christmas lover, one way to embrace the theme is during your drinks reception. Provide your guests with mulled wine and mince pies in front of a roaring fire and make sure your drinks reception is warm and cosy. Decorate the entire venue with fairy lights and mistletoe and Christmas trees. You could even ask your guests to do a “Secret Santa” for the tables. As long as you embrace the theme whole heartedly and love it, your guests are guaranteed to love it too.

On the other hand, just because it’s December doesn’t necessarily mean that your wedding has to be Christmas themed at all! There are plenty of other ways to plan your wedding in December. Steering away from Christmas,  you could incorporate warm drinks and  homely food into your wedding along with winter flowers and rustic decoration. A simple, cosy, wintertime theme would work just as well if you love winter, but are just not that into Christmas.

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Photography by Emma Stoszkowski (see photo above)


Keeping it under wraps…

One of the most important things about your winter wedding is keeping warm. First things first, make sure your venue has suitable heating. Here at Askham Hall, we have large, rustic fires along with a great heating system in our barn to make sure all your guests are kept nice and toasty throughout the wedding day.

A little quirky idea is providing blankets for your guests, especially if there is an outside area potentially with outdoor heaters. You could even think about fire pits as they create the perfect snug atmosphere whilst providing plenty of heat.

Another great warming idea that we have been in love with this winter is bridal shawls. They are the perfect way of keeping yourselves warm whilst adding that extra little something.




And all the trimmings…

Personally, winter has always been my favourite time of year due to all the yummy food that comes with it. Big, warm winter meals, sticky puddings and not to mention Christmas dinner. Which is why we have such a diverse range of food options on our menu so you can pick the perfect meal all year round!

Cold food is a definite no, no. As it is winter you want to keep your guests feeling full and warm. We would always suggest a nice, big hearty meal along with warm canapes and hot puddings to really give your wedding that cosy, homely, wintery feel. As I mentioned earlier you could even provide mince pies with the tea and coffee to give your wedding that Christmassy twist.



Twinkle, Twinkle…

And finally, to add the perfect finishing touch to your winter wedding is lights, lights, lights!!! And plenty of them! Here at Askham Hall we are all about the fairy, festton and fancy lighting, we just love it. Whether you are fan of fairy lights, bulbs, giant letters or not at all, we would always suggest having some form of lighting around your venue. Even without jazzing up the place, it helps your guests find their way around, especially during the winter time as the nights get darker a lot earlier, particularly in November and December.

One thing to remember is your photographs. As it gets darker earlier you will need to think about the timings of your wedding, at which point and where you would like your photographs to take place. This is where loads of fun lighting can help. It provides that extra bit of light once it gets dark outside.

Not only do various types of extra lighting help to light up the venue and guide pathways but also adds that little bit of magic and sparkle.



Photography by Tiree Dawson (see above photo)



So there you are, our top 5 tips for the perfect winter wedding. And don’t forget to enjoy not only the planning but the wedding itself!

From everyone here at Askham Hall, we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!



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