The seasons  at Askham Hall – the thought behind our food.

The cycle of life in the gardens and fields at Askham Hall dictate our menus – we work with the seasons and grow, source and preserve the produce from our gardens and surrounding farms and woodland.The cycles have always been there and each part of the year is anticipated keenly for the new ingredients it brings.  

In the autumn we are busy harvesting the plentiful fruits including apples, medlars and plums.  We are also enjoying the game such as Red and Roe deer from our woods and moors as well as rabbit, partridge, grouse and pigeon.  And of course all those wonderful mushrooms.  At the same time, in the kitchen gardens the winter crops are coming into the fore, with all sorts of varieties of kales and root vegetables at the top of the list for ingredients.

As we move into winter we are able to use all the preserved fruits and vegetables we are busy conserving during the autumn.  Whether they have been pickled, dried, salted or left to rest in the ground – preserving techniques all add a rich variety in flavour to the same ingredient.

When spring stirs we are excitedly awaiting the first buds of wild garlic, which grows all along the River Lowther, and from thereon come all the glories of the growing season.

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